There is an alternative way to enroll your Windows devices without using device UUIDs to enrol the devices through the HiddenApp dashboard, or by using the registration app.
Please instead use the following steps to enroll your devices to your account automatically:

1. On a Linux or macOS terminal, run the following command:

- Replacing USEREMAIL AND USERPASSWORD with the credentials of the HiddenApp account owner. From the output of the command above, copy and save the token for future use.

2. Download the HiddenApp client using the following link:

3. Add HiddenApp 1.4.9 to a local directory on the machines you want to enroll in HiddenApp.

4. For deployment to target machines in your MDM, use the following command-line:

  • /qn Token="2a0add3cbda3a6bd56e2d4ed7d9ea5035f5xxxxx"

- Replacing the token in the double-quote with your HiddenApp account token

4.1 For a single device, run the following command on Command prompt as an Admin

  • msiexec /i "DIRECTORYPATH:\HiddenAppInstaller 1.4.9.msi" Token=YOURTOKEN

 - Replacing DIRECTORYPATH with the relevant directory path of the app and replacing YOURTOKEN with the HiddenApp account token you generated earlier in step 1.

5. In the installation wizard, click Next then select Close when installation is complete