To deploy HiddenApp for Windows with Microsoft Intune, kindly follow the instructions below:

Installing HiddenApp for Windows with Microsoft Intune

1. Click on Device Enrolment.

2. Click on Windows.

3. Click on Enroll multiple devices.

4. Download Windows package.

Next steps is to setup the application on Intune for deployment

1. From the Microsoft Intune dashboard, Navigate to Apps.

2. Under 'By platform', select Windows.

3. Click on Add, then select Line-of-business app under App type.

4. Click 'Select app package file' and choose the HiddenApp installation file, then click OK.

5. Edit the App information as necessary.
Note: Please edit the token in the command-line section and include the one for your account. To get your token, please contact HiddenApp Support or your Customer Success Manager.

6. Click ‘Add all devices’ or Configure Assignments as preferred, then select Next.

7. If happy with the configuration, click Create.

HiddenApp will be silently installed on the selected after a few minutes. After successful installation, the devices will be activated on the HiddenApp dashboard.