With Full Disk Access permission enabled, HiddenApp will force the Location permissions every 15 minutes if the permissions are unchecked.

You can remotely accept the Full Disk Access Permission by deploying a Privacy Preferences Policy Control (PPPC) payload with an MDM. To create a PPPC payload, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Download the PPPC Utility from here: https://github.com/jamf/PPPC-Utility/releases
  2. Open PPPC Utility
  3. Add HiddenApp to applications (click + sign, press keyboard shortcut 'Command + Shift + G' with Finder open & search for /usr/local/hidden, press Enter)
  4. Double click on HiddenApp application 
  5. Set “Full Disk Access, Accessibility, Screen Recording, Admin Files, Microphone” to allow then click Save.
  6. Name the configuration file and Click Save
  7. Open Finder and navigate to the config file in then open with txt editor
  8. Copy the PLIST
  9. Paste that directly into the Privacy Preferences Policy Control section in your MDM config file, and Save.