You can deploy Mass Actions across some or all of the devices in your Devices Dashboard.

Deployable Actions:

  • Change Status (mark as Missing/Secure)
  • Move Group
  • Assign device name, assignee and assignee email
  • Receive Data (individual pieces of data)
  • Delete Tracking Data
  • Delete Devices
  • Remote Lock (deployable only when device is marked as missing)
  • Remote Wipe (deployable only when device is marked as missing)
  • Spoken Message (deployable only when device is marked as missing)
  • Pulse (deployable only when device isn't marked as missing)

To deploy Mass Actions:

  1. Select the devices you would like to deploy Mass Actions to by checking the relevant boxes on the left side of your Devices Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select the action you want to deploy

*If an action that is deployable only when a device is marked as missing is deployed whilst a device is secured, the action will queue and be triggered once the device is marked as missing.