User Roles


By Mona Al-Ariqi

updated about 2 months ago

Teammates can take one of three roles when invited to manage a HiddenApp account:

  • Manager
  • Investigator 
  • Analyst


Analysts can only view existing data and not make any changes within the account or initiate any form of tracking.

Analysts can also:

• Download a Full Security Report

• Download Location Report

• Download Network Report

• Download Images and Keylog Data


Investigators can set devices to missing and trigger data requests. However, an investigator is not able to delete data or remove enrolled devices.
Investigators can also:

• Control all Analyst user permissions

• Set a device to missing

• Receive data from a device

• Send a spoken message

• Activate remote lock


Managers have access to all features and actions except for a few limitations outlined under the Owner role.

Managers can:

• All Analyst and Investigator user permissions

• Add or remove devices

• Change device name

• Delete tracking data

• Delete history

Owner (person that created the account)

The Owner is the person that created the account. 

The Owner has access to all functionality. However, the Owner of the account is the only access level that can:

• Manage subscriptions

• Add/remove users

• Delete the account

• Plus, all Manager, Investigator and Analyst user permissions

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