HiddenApp integrates directly with Jamf Pro MDM and provides the following functionality:

The integration uses the Jamf API and enables admins to import devices directly from Jamf. The setup process is straightforward, requiring the Jamf Instance URL, Jamf Pro user name, and password. 

Once Jamf Pro access is granted, all laptops enrolled in the Jamf Instance can be imported into HiddenApp. This integration uses the machine's Serial Number as the identifier and imports this, the device name and assignee information.

There is also auto-enrolment functionality that will import any newly enrolled devices in Jamf to HiddenApp. The auto-enrolment functionality is enabled via a webhook and requires only one click of the auto-enrolment button and for the admin to re-enter their Jamf Pro password to set this up.

Additionally, there you can configure the auto-deployment feature that creates a policy in your Jamf pro account to distribute the HiddenApp package automatically to all devices enrolled into HiddenApp. This functionality requires only one click of the auto-deploy button and for the admin to re-enter their Jamf Pro login credentials to enable this functionality.