Update 1.0.8 sees updates to our macOS app and fleet tracking.

New Apps

HiddenApp for macOS v3.7.7 and Windows v1.3.2

  • M1 native app
  • Remote lock optimizations

Fleet tracking optimizations

  • Added caching and async defer load to improve load times
  • Updated map style and added light and dark mode
  • Improved navigation when switching between markers, groups, and search in the Fleet View side panel 
  • Improved navigation in Fleet View side panel with selected device highlight
  • Added minimization for the Fleet Tracking side panel to increase real estate 
  • Added exit points to each stage of the Geofence builder when in edit mode
  • Added search device functionality to Fleet View side panel
  • Improved Fleet View side panel navigation pagination/overflow
  •  Added functionality to switch between Secure/Missing mode in Fleet View side panel
  • Updated Secure/Missing icons in Fleet Tracking
  • Added device markers to Geofence view
  • Added functionality to focus geofence on the map
  • Added color coding for geofences