Deploy HiddenApp for macOS and Windows 10 with an MDM


By Ruben Figueroa

updated 3 months ago

You can deploy HiddenApp via an MDM using the following method to first register your devices with HiddenApp, and then by deploying the PKG or MSI for Enterprise Deployment with your chosen MDM solution to each device.

1. From your Devices Dashboard visit Device Registration
2. You can then either manually enter the device Serial Numbers or upload an XLS file
3. We recommend to download the XLS template and complete the required fields
4. Once the devices have been added to your Device Queue click Register Devices
5. Next click Download App and then Review Devices
6. Finally deploy the downloaded  HiddenAppNR.PKG (macOS) or HiddenApp.MSI (Windows 10) via your chosen MDM solution

You can confirm that the app has been installed correctly by visiting your Devices Dashboard and checking that the device(s) you deployed HiddenApp to now show a as Activated.

This feature is available on business plans only.

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