Follow the instructions below to deploy HiddenApp for iOS with Jamf Pro:


  • Jamf Pro
  • iOS 13 or later

Required iOS Permissions for HiddenApp

  • Notifications
  • Location Services
  • Background App Refresh
  • Camera

1. Click on device enrollment

2. Click iOS

3. Click enroll multiple devices

4. Click Download PLIST

5. Your PLIST file will be downloaded automatically. 

6. Within your Jamf Pro instance, navigate to Devices then select Mobile Device Apps

7. Choose App Store app or apps purchased in volume and click next

8. In the Search field, search for HiddenApp Pro, Choose the relevant App Store Country or Region and Click Next.

9. Click Add on HiddenApp Pro on either iPadOS or iOS depending on the use case.

10. In the General pane, complete the information as required and set the Distribution Method as Install Automatically/Prompt Users to Install.

Suggestion: Deselect Allow users to remove app (iOS 14 or later) and then navigate to Scope.

11. Set the Targets (and Limitations/Exclusions if required) and configure Managed Distribution as appropriate.

12. In App Configuration copy and paste the content from the PLIST file downloaded from HiddenApp. For use in Jamf Pro the content of the PLIST should be edited to remove the configuration dictionary portion of the plist. See structure below:

<string>YOUR HIDDENAPP KEY</string>






13. Next, accept the install on the target device. The device will be automatically registered to your HiddenApp account on opening the app.

14. Lastly, you will need to accept the following Privacy Control Requests:

  • Location (Always & Precise Location)
  • Camera
  • Notifications