How To Enroll macOS Devices With The Jamf Pro Integration And Enable Auto-Deployment


By Mona Al-Ariqi

updated 20 days ago

Follow the instructions below to deploy HiddenApp for macOS with Jamf Pro:

• Jamf Pro 

• macOS High Sierra (10.13) or above

Required macOS Permissions for HiddenApp

Depending on the version of macOS your machines are running - HiddenApp may need access to some or all of the following permissions:

• Location Services

• Camera

• Accessibility

• Input Monitoring

• Full Disk Access

• Files and Folders

• Screen Recording

For a detailed list of permissions required for each version of macOS, please refer to this article.

In order to enroll your macOS fleet using the Jamf integration please follow these steps:

1. Click on Device Enrollment

2. Click on macOS

3. Click import from Jamf

4. Enter your Jamf Instance URL. Example:


5. Select the devices you wish to Enroll and click Enroll devices.

6. A message will indicate that your devices were successfully enrolled.

Now you can enable Auto-Deployment following these steps:

1. Click on Enable auto-deployment

2. Enter your Jamf credentials

3. Message will indicate you've completed the process successfully

8. You will need to manually trigger and accept permissions on each device that HiddenApp is automatically deployed to. This can be done by:

  • Navigating to Go
  • Clicking Go to folder
  • Search /usr/local/
  • Click the folder named Hidden
  • The permissions will trigger and you will be asked to open Security & privacy to accept the permissions

For a list of the Privacy Control Permissions HiddenApp requires access to for macOS, please visit 
this article.

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